Cheap Hotels in Mumbai

Most travelers today find cheap hotels for themselves because they do not cost them much. If you want to come to Mumbai and are looking for a cheap and good hotel for yourself, we can help you. You can choose cheap and good hotel from the list of the following hotels below, which are as follows:

  1. Waterstones Hotel:

Address: Waterstar Hotel is located in Saharan in Andheri, Mumbai and it remains in the good locality of the city.

About: This hotel is also good for business travelers as well as leisure travelers because it offers amenities like a spa, swimming pool and salon. Popular tourist sites like Powai Lake, Juhu Beach and Chautala Kashmir are only a few kilometers away from this hotel. This hotel is about 2 km from the International Airport, about 6 km from the domestic airport, approximately 24 km from CST railway station, approximately 24 km from Mumbai to the central railway station. Waterstones Hotel is perfect for traders. The hotel also offers its guests room service, a concierge, round-the-clock security, parking space, etc. There is also a swimming pool, spa, where guests can relax inside this hotel. Guests staying at this hotel can also make meals in the lobby lounge, white barn etc. This hotel has been built in deluxe rooms. All rooms are equipped with air conditioning, LCD TVs, coffee makers, private bars and refrigerators.

2. Meluha The Fern: 

Address: Meluha The Furn Hotel is a 5-star hotel located in Powai, Mumbai.

About: This hotel is one of the best hotels in Mumbai due to the rooms and good facilities made with contemporary design. This hotel has 141 business and luxury rooms, which is why Meluha The Phurn Hotel is called luxury hotel. All of its rooms are large in size and offer great views of the green surroundings. There is also a restaurant in which dishes from around the world are made. Because of this, this hotel is one of the best known hotels in Mumbai. The Meluhah The Fern Hotel offers not only good food but also good beverages and also keep in mind that guests entertain with soothing music.

3. Ramada Plaza Palm Grove:

Address: Ramada Plaza Palm Grove Hotel is situated on the banks of the Arabian Sea, in which 114 large rooms are built.

About: This hotel is one of the most famous hotels in Mumbai. This hotel offers three types of food and beverage outlets, including The Oriental Bowl, The Tenzeran and the Deck Bar. Along with this there is also a 24-hour room service for guests. The hotel also has a swimming pool, health club, book shop, cyber cafe, meeting room and 24-hour room service.

4. Z Luxury Residences:

Address: This hotel is located in Juhu area of Mumbai and about 4 km from the beach, about 8 km from Joggers Park, which are popular tourist destinations of the city.

About: This is a luxury hotel that offers a 5-star hotel facility. It offers 24-hour security, car park, room service, front desk, guest-dwelling lounge, meeting room, children’s play area, swimming pool, Wi-Fi. There is also a restaurant to provide food.